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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Professional Carpet Cleaning At Best Rates

Do you run your own business or you are facility maintenance manager? Are you in need of your carpets cleaning? You are ended up at the right place. I-Steamers is pleased to offer you the wide range of commercial carpet maintenance programs or just one time (test) cleaning.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning For Your Commercial Space

At I-Steamers we perfectly understand that any kind of business needs an inviting look. It does not matter you accept your clients at the place or it comes to the where your employees spend their work time you definitely need to take care of carpets. There 2 reasons why: 1) an inviting look can be the reason of your clients increase; 2) health matter (dirty and high-trafficed carpets accumulate a lot of heavy soils and allergens that could be dangerous for health both for your clients and your employees.

commercial-carpet-cleanersTop Level Standards For Manhattan Offices

Manhattan has a lot of office buildings that require a close attention to their carpeted areas. We increased our carpet cleaning standards with years and have grown better techniques in commercial carpet cleaning. Based on years of commercial carpet cleaning experience we know what kind of machine and cleaning solution we need to apply for every specific project. We do not stick to the same cleaning methods. We believe that professional approach must include different techniques and methods in order to achieve best competitive cleaning results possible.

Experienced Team Of Commercial Carpet Cleaners

We do not hire people just to work for us. We create teams that aim at best cleaning results for every customers with no exceptions and compromises on the quality of the job we do. We have a flexible schedule for each team member to make sure we can bring you a fresh and aim oriented technician  who is capable to give a perfect carpet cleaning result. Moreover, we take care of security issues and require each team member to undergo a special safety training before allowed to work with our carpet cleaning equipment.

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Our Advanced Ways In Carpet Cleaning

I-Steamers is pleased to offer high-pressure steam-extraction cleaning techniques based on the use of 150 psi steam that we put deep into the share of commercial carpets,. Moreover, extraction function mounted in our machines allows us to decrease the drying time for cleaned carpets. We understand that commercial spaces need to be used as soon as possible after the cleaning. That is why we offer steam-extraction, not just a steam cleaning as most of our competitors do.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

1. Pre-vacuuming (to get rid of surface soils and dust);

2. Stain Treatment programs with the use of different stain removers for each specific kind of stains);

3. Shampooing stage (the application of heavy duty shampooers for especially high-trafficed carpeted areas);

3. High-Pressure Steam-extraction cleaning with the steaming machines up to 450 psi.

4. Deodorization services (commercial odor treatment deodorizers are used).

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Any Kind Of Commercial Space:
  • Offices Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Restaurants Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Universities Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Medical Offices Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Hospitals Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Stores Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Malls Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Schools Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Churches Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Conference Halls Carpet Steam Cleaning
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